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Mobile app to learn English-Aplicaciones móviles para aprender inglés

Nowadays the mobile electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, etc. are ubiquitous and they are occupying a place important in our lives and they concentrate in just one device several tools we used daily like alarm clocks, diaries, photograph cameras, etc. Due to their portability and easy use we can use them in different fields, the street, the means of transport, at work, in bed, etc. Learning a language requires a lot of effort, time and dedication. Fortunately there are numerous applications that are going to facilitate the process, then we can learn English, German, French, etc. comfortably in the bus, subway, couch, garden, swimming-pool, etc. You can find below a list of the most widely used Android app for learning languages, most of them offer free courses in return for receiving publicity and in case you are reluctant to publicity and you can pay a tuition fee.
Hoy en día los dispositivos móviles como smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, etc. están ocupando un lugar cada vez más importante en nuestras vidas y condensando en un solo dispositivo varios instrumentos de uso diario como relojes, agendas, cámaras fotográficas, etc. Debido a su portabilidad y fácil uso los podemos usar en diferentes ámbitos, la calle, los medios de transporte, el trabajo, en la cama, etc. Aprender un idioma requiere de mucho esfuerzo, tiempo y dedicación, afortunadamente hay numerosas aplicaciones que van a facilitar este proceso, así podemos aprender inglés, alemán, etc. cómodamente en el bus, metro, sofá, jardín, piscina, etc. He aquí una selección de las más usadas para el aprendizaje de idiomas, la mayoría de ellas ofrecen cursos gratis a cambio de recibir publicidad y más servicios a cambio de pagar una cuota Premium.
- Duolingo: It has easy lessons, games, questionnaires, etc. the exercises combine vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening. https://es.duolingo.com/
-Tinycards: they are based on flashcards, so you can learn anything in relationship with meaningful fields, there are more than 200.000 cards and many languages, it is created by team of Duolingo.

-Busuu: It has exercises about vocabulary, conversations, pronunciation, grammar and the monthly fee is less than three euros if you pay a year in advance. Besides there are many native speakers and you can apply and get official certificates. https://www.busuu.com/es
-Babbel: This app starts with easy exercises and modifies the lessons according to the learner´s mistakes and skills. You can register and get one lesson free in any language but you have to pay a fee to get to the complete course. Then you can download the course offline and get official certificates too after passing each level. 

-Elsa: It specializes in pronunciation and it also gives you hints and advices after each assessment. You can try freely Elsa for seven days, then you have to pay four euros each month if you pay three months in advance. https://www.elsaspeak.com/home
-Memrise: This is a gamified app very funny and easy to use, besides the adventures and minigames are completed with chatbots that you can learn the lessons you have been taught, you can try it freely though you need to pay seven euros monthly to get all the contents. https://www.memrise.com/app/
-Rosetta Stone: this famous app has a personal and real tutor for learning any of the 24 languages, though there are some free options mostly are paid. Available also for iOS and Kindle Fire Amazon.

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